Founded in 2014, La Kart takes an innovative approach to creating effective communication and publicity strategies for entrepreneurs and business leaders. Through a blend of content, social media and public relations we get your message to the right audience, increase your visibility and establish you as an authority figure and subject matter expert.

What We Do

Publicity Packs

Busy executives do not have the time to create content, post, find speaking opportunities, promote their most recent effort, etc. We offer a turn-key approach to deliver all those services in free-standing units we call Publicity Packs. Each one contains all the elements every Senior level executive needs to stay top-of-mind. We do all the heavy lifting while you shine through highly professional elements and content.


We create and deliver monthly high impact workshops designed for corporate managers and early to mid stage entrepreneurs. Sessions are highly experiential and designed to arm participants with the tools to promote their personal brand and as well as their business. All events are listed on EventBrite.com

Tactical Focus

  • Event Planning
  • Sampling
  • Street Teams
  • Brand Advocate Training
  • Creative Development
  • Social Media
  • Digital and Public Relations

What Our Clients Say

"It is so refreshing to work with the team at LaKart. Paula Otero heads up a brilliant team of creative athletes that always deliver on amazing insights on our targeted segment. LaKart deploys creative talents that are consistently authentic and has found a way to integrate all of their capabilities with our technology platform. The results have proven very successful with each of the client engagements where we have partnered. "

“Kudos to La Kart for the wonderful job. I would recommend them to anyone. It was a nice change to work with people who are focused and driven but have the warmth and patience to pull together a diverse team.”

“I would not hesitate to recommend Paula and La Kart marketing to any business looking to maximize exposure and profitability while supporting local communities and cultural values.”